Who We Are

Noble educational empowerment society (NEES), one of the fastest growing social development organizations in Telangana in the area of skill development, is a secular, non-political and not for profit organisation

Noble Educational Empowerment Society

Noble educational empowerment society (NEES), one of the Social development organizations in Telangana (Formerly known as Andhra Pradesh) in the area of skill development, is a secular, non-political and not for profit organisation. Inspired by the concept of ‘Each one Help one’, NEES has its prime focus on skill development training with placement assistance to unemployed unskilled dropout youth, leading to their empowerment.  NEES strongly believes that only education and empowerment of the youth can change the destiny of the nation.

NEES works in the areas of education, empowerment, healthcare services, and gender equality. The organisation acts as a catalyst in bridging the gap between the industry requirements and the market availability. NEES does this by building on the capabilities of the youth and making them competent to exhibit their skills in the market.

Having 17 years experience in the field, NEES has not only gained credibility but also brought about a huge demand for transforming the youth into productive men and women. NEES has also gained a distinct recognition from the Government of Andhrapradesh for its services in the area of placement- linked skill development training of the youth. NEES had trained nearly 16588 candidates and placement assistance provided for nearly 11638 beneficiary.

Founded in 2005, NEES has laid its stress primarily on the core issues of society right from education to the underprivileged, sustainable livelihood, child rights, community development, and health of the communities to empowerment to the deserving youth and women, sustainable agricultural practices in the rural areas of India and of course the disaster management programmes.

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Our Vision
  • To eradicate poverty, hunger, injustice and discrimination of all forms
  • To educate and empower each and every section of the society.z
Our Mission
  • To enhance and uplift the quality of life of the under privileged, marginalized sections of the society by addressing the core issues like poverty, hunger, injustice, education, employment opportunities and distinct discrimination.

  • To gain credibility, recognition, and reputation as a competent not-for-profit organization that creates sustainable, productive, and outcome driven intervention in order to eradicate the unemployment and poverty.

  • To build strong public-private partnerships in all the social development interventions so state governments, civil society and corporate society could work together and lay platforms for the betterment of the societies.

  • To synergies the energies of the unemployed youth and bring in the positive transformation by empowering them.

  • To maintain transparency and accountability in every intervention of the organization.

Goals & Objectives
  • To mainstream all dropouts into formal education.
  • To eradicate and prevent child labour
  • To establish support care systems for children with special abilities.
  • To facilitate capacity building programmes for unemployed youth in rural and urban areas.
  • To initiate and develop qualitative change in the lives of marginalized communities.
  • To foster and promote sustainable agricultural practices in the farming community.
  • To plan and implement advocacy programmes for healthy reproduction practices and natural disaster management
Core Values

NEES is founded on a strong value system. The key values that design and shape the organization are:

 Humility: NEES makes everyone feel intensely involved in the lives of people it works with, especially in its fight against poverty and inequality in society. NEES believes in creating hope in everyone around with a spirit of sharing and caring, utmost respect for the value of human dignity, the need for sharing resources, and the passion for giving back to society to make it an equal world.

 Humanity: NEES is built on an ideology that touches the soul of every human. The organisation will continue to strive hard to promote the feelings of being kind, generous, caring and loving towards all sections in society irrespective of caste, creed and class.

 Integrity: NEES believes in being honest, transparent and accountable in all matters – from fund utilisation and sharing of information, to delivery of work. What matters for NEES is dependability and credibility, the touchstone of how everyone at NEES works.

 Emergence of NEES:

NEES is the culmination of the dream of Mr. D. Suresh Kumar who has never let his aspirations fall apart. His life is an inspiration for people with special abilities. Society often discriminates, making their life difficult. In his case, all this has made him stand firm in turning his aspirations into reality. He has been a fighter always, challenging various odds existing in society. He wanted to be master of his own destiny.

As a child, Mr. Suresh dreamed to contribute his share in empowering the needy in society. But, to his dismay he realised that mere graduation would not be enough for a person to compete for a secured life. This led him to creating awareness about the need for technical qualifications to meet the emerging demands in the market.

In the process, he came across young men and women from urban and rural areas, who had sufficient academic qualifications but failed to make it due to lack of required technical qualifications. This made him to do something worthwhile for them. That was how he set up NEES to cater to the needs of all unemployed youth, turning them into competent, confident and skilled men and women. NEES not only empowers the youth but also turns them into responsible citizens.

Legal Status

   Regd No :1614/2005, Regd Under Society Act No : 35 of 2001. Dated : 06/10/2005

   F.No. DIT(E)/12A/96(06)/09-10, Regd. u/s/12AA OF THE I.T. ACT 1961. Dated: 30-07-2009.

   F.No.DIT(E)/HYD/80G/1(08)/09-10 APPROVALU/S 80G(5)(vi) OF THE INCOME TAX ACT,1961. Dated: 28/08/2009

   FCRA, 2010, Regd No : 010230949, Dated: 24/01/2019.

   PAN NO : AABTN1870G

   Unique ID No. AP/2009/0005982. www.ngo.india.gov.in.

   A Life Time Member of CNRI, New Delhi.

   Reg VTC No : 528050059. Approved by Directorate General of Employment and Training, Ministry of Labour and Employment Govt of Inida.

   TAN No : HYDN03691C.


   Empanelment No: AP/2009/0005982 (MINISTRY OF TEXTILES, GOVT. OF INDIA)

  NSDC Certificate No: NSDC/2020-21/10773

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   At Noble educational empowerment society,(NEES) we consider each and every volunteer as an asset to the organization. Apart from a few highly dedicated full time members who take care of day to day activities and administration, all the projects and grass root activities are handled by volunteers.

   NEES believes that all who share a commitment to our mission are welcome to join us in our work regardless of their background, ethnic origin, race, age or gender. Every member of the family is valuable and everyone’s time, talents, and efforts are special gifts that are to be appreciated, respected, recognized, and never taken for granted.