Founder Voice

Noble educational empowerment society (NEES), one of the fastest growing social development organizations in Telangana in the area of skill development, is a secular, non-political and not for profit organisation

I D. Suresh kumar  founder of Noble Educational Empowerment Society (NEES) says that the   ability to access global opportunities of exchange depends on how well-equipped educationally; professionally and skill-wise the TRAINEE are to take advantage of new opportunities. Every TRAINEE possesses a unique skill. The requirement is to develop a mechanism to identify that skill. Skill TRAINING could also be seen as an instrument to empower the individual and improve their social acceptance. I would like to stress on the need of two basic qualities to propel the Skill ENHANCEMENT forward. First is the inner drive and initiative in one’s mind and heart.

Government, corporates, companies and entire TEAM  should take responsibility to design and implement practical programmes to generate decent employment, reduce poverty among the youth and economically empower them to play a more meaningful role in the development and upliftment of their communities and the nation at large.

NEES  in 14 years journey provided  Employment to more than 10000+ youth in the reputed companies all over PAN india. Finally, I would like call to the youth to arise, awake and achieve. Win and lead the world. Salvation of India depends on the strength of India and the strength of India depends upon the strength of every citizen of India. I wish you all the best to achieve your goal. Finally I request all of our trainees to follow the motto   “EACH ONE HELP ONE” while providing job opportunity for you near and dear.