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Noble educational empowerment society (NEES)

is a society which is enacting as a catalyst serving the requirements of the unemployed unskilled humble youth by providing them adequate training in skill development programme and turning them to be productive, sustainable factors to the society.


The NEES blended learning solutions in the form of QED leverage both in classroom - hands on activity based learning and a digital portal for continuous learning, assessment & analytics for learner profiling and effective teaching practices.


NEES had been providing Entrepreneur development programmes to support women and unemployed candidates to nurture their skills and encourages them to set up their own enterprises.


NEES provides skill development trainings and brings awareness about the opportunities available in the global market and provides the guidance to achieve their dream job.

Welcome to NOBLE EDUCATIONAL EMPOWERMENT SOCIETY (NEES), a passage to abundant opportunities and a platform to nurture talent and expertise of skilled workforce.

Founder Message

Our mission is to challenge the ‘Skill Supply Chain’ of India. The prime focus of the developing economy of our country is to fill the ‘Capability gaps’. With the rising expectation of productivity and quality, the global trend of increased investment in training is clearly seen in past few years. Our strategic approach in assessing and identifying individual ability and route it to aggressive ‘Capacity building’ which has a powerful collaborative impact on many industries.

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