Skill Development


The main objective of the Skill India programme is to provide adequate training in market-relevant skills to unemployed youth.. It also aims to create opportunities for the development of talent within the country and improve the overall scope and space for underdeveloped sectors. Skills development is the process of  identifying the skill gaps, and  developing and honing the skills which enhance critical thinking, confidence, effective communication skills, teamwork and creativity which are  essential in order to rise up the ladder of success.

Benefits of Training

  • To provide students with a comprehensive Outdoor Education experience.
  • To take the classroom curriculum and teach trainee environmental awareness through direct learning in the out-of-doors.
  • To encourage students to develop problem solving skills.
  • To encourage appropriate peer interactions.
  • To facilitate and promote teamwork.
  • Increase mental and physical fitness.
  • increase learning and enjoyment of recreational skills in the out- of-doors.
  • Gain self-reliance and self-confidence
  • Recognize the advantage of working together to complete tasks.
  • Foster cooperation and democratic decision-making.

NEES conducting various  schemes to achieve this objective. The emphasis is to skill the youths in such a way so that they get employment and also improve entrepreneurship