Success story of mohd ayyub

Name Mohd Ayyub
Father's Name Rahmath
Present Occupation Self Employe
Course Joined In the field of Electronics

Family Background

Mohd Ayub is an uneducated person. His family consists of his parents, wife and two daughters. All of them are dependents on Ayub. Though Ayub is an uneducated, he had a great idea about the business demand in the market. He is a versatile genius and takes up various jobs so as to generate his income resource. He has handsome experience as an electrician. He is also susceptible to repair the T.V and other electrical goods.

Contact with the NOBLE

Ayub was looking to take up some vocational training which would help him to polish his skills and gain perfection. He has very less theoretical knowledge. When he heard that NOBLE was offering a job oriented training in the field of electronics, he was very curious to know about the details of the course. He approached NOBLE training centre and requested the counselor to explain him with the details of the course.

About the Course

Ayub was an ambitious person and wanted to grasp the knowledge if given a chance. He never felt shy to raise and clarify his doubts. He was anxious and curious to know that what changes this course would bring in his life. He was adamant to learn the detailed course with practice. He never had a complaint with the faculty even if they make him repeat the contents of his assignments. He successfully completed the course and was awarded a certificate of excellence.

Present Status

He started his own business and generating his income. This job is also making him good profits as the output expenditure is nothing but only earning him a profit.