Success story of madhavi

Name Madhavi
Father's Name Narsimha
Present Occupation Self Employe
Course Joined Cosmetology and Beautician

Family Background

Madhavi is one of the rarest of the rare cases. Her family is dependent on her and she has to gain an income which would meet their expenditures. She was previously a private employee but failed to gain a good income with that job. Looking into this one of her friends suggested her to go for a technical course.

Contact with the NOBLE

She had approached NOBLE training centre along with her friends and explained about her interest to do some professional job. The Staff of NOBLE explained her that as she is bright and young she could go for the Cosmetology and Beautician Course. She felt very happy as she gained admission free of cost and could also be a professional very shortly. The very thought of setting up her own Beauty parlor filled her with excitement.

About the Course

Madhavi basically was very excited at her choice of the course and knew that she is going to learn the course with all her interest. The course was refreshing and satisfying as it is ever demanding in the market. She knew that this course is beneficial both professionally and domestically.

Present Status

She is not only a proud owner of the beauty parlor but also providing employment to an unemployed girl at her parlor. She is successfully earning a good margin of income and also saving a little for her future expansion of her business.