Success story of n krishna chaitanya

Name N.Krishna Chaitanya
Present Occupation Employee
Name of the Firm
Course Joined Dot Net
Income Levels 9,500 per month

"I am very happy to say that I have started an Internet cum Documentation Centre, as I always considered being self-employed. The Skill and Entrepreneurship Development training by the Noble has changed my life, I wish that this process shall be continued and many youth like me get benefited of these trainings".... K.Chaitanya

K.Chaitanyais a 26 year old year youth who was enrolled in Dotnet Course one of the partner institution of Nobles, though chaitaya was a graduate but he could not find any suitable jobs to settle down in his life. But the enrolment in the training programme being organized by SR under MSME has changed his life forever.

Soon after completion of the training programmes Chaitanya has shown interest in employment. The follow-up committee being formulated by the Institution has supported him to development linkages with institutions for getting trained. After 3 months of his completion of training he got a job. Presently he is working in Orbit Solutions, Karkhana at Hyderabad. Later after 6 months he started his Designing centre with the help of his relative and friends.