Success story of g ramya

Name G.Ramya
Present Occupation Employee
Name of the Firm Marvel Ads
Course Joined Dot Net
Income Levels 8,000 per month

I hail from a poor family consisting of father, mother, 3 brothers and I, my father is a private company, was barely able to support the family. Both my father and mother had worked hard to bring up and educate us. Due to the dreadful health problem of my father i was forced to stop my studies and work in fields to support my family financially and to get my brother and sister continue their studies.

When I saw add in our news paper I came to know the benefits of these types of course through our sakshi news paper .then I came approached Noble Training centre at SR Nagar and enrolled my name in Dot Net course and I successful completed my course and I really got confident that I can now work any office documentation work and now I am working in Marvel Ads World as a Designer and earning 8000/pm and now I can help my mother in looking financial matters and now I can effort my father medicine now I am really very happy and I learned about life skills, communication skills and time management skills that I learnt from my facilitators are very helpful at each step of my job. All these greatly boosted my confidence.

I am very thankful to all the concerned authorities of ni-msme and Nobles and hopes this programme will help many thousands of poor and needy youth and from my side also I will try my level best to send my family members and friends to join these courses and I will let them know the benefits showing me as example.